Silicone for Vehicle & Rail Transportation

Applications in automobile manufacturing and rail transportation set stringent requirements for heat resistance and fire protection. European standards, such as DIN EN 45545-2 are therefore reliably met by silicone products from Siltec. Upon request, the utilized materials can also provide verification for diverse classes of the UL94 standard, e.g. UL93 V0, HB or V1/V2.

Silikonprodukte für den Fahrzeugverkehr

Vehicle Transportation

Siltec manufactures silicone seals and silicone profiles for automobile manufacturing and special vehicle manufacturing. This includes profiles, covers, and panels for the interior furnishing of buses, RVs, station wagons, and construction machines, as well as feed-throughs of all types. Siltec products are also used in agricultural vehicles and construction machines. In addition, profile seals are used in aerial cable cars.

Rail Transportation

In rail transportation, meeting fire standards is of particular significance. Nonflammable, self-extinguishing silicone with a minimal toxicity in the event of a fire is required. The silicone parts are used as feed-throughs, noise protection, as well as simple or inflatable seals. Through in-house compounding, Siltec offers color design flexibility and sets high expectations on optics and haptics. Siltec manufactures small series and large series with a demanding price-performance ratio.