Systems engineering & assembly at Siltec

As an extension to the standard production processes of silicone injection molding and silicone extrusion, Siltec also offers systems engineering and assembly for silicone products. This includes the finishing and confectioning of silicone products, the assembly of subassemblies, individual item labeling and the packaging of silicone products for the end user.

Siltec has a wide range of options for completing and refining individual components via subsequent manufacturing processes. In addition, entire assemblies or system solutions can be manufactured, assembled and commissioned. This also includes the manufacture of products made of thermoplastics in combination with silicone.

Siltec’s manufacturing spectrum can thus cover the production of various products and solutions, such as: silicone tube systems, tube sets, components with integrated electronic components or assemblies. In addition, products can be individually laser marked and packaged for end-user application. Furthermore, in coordination with customers, we also offer the possibility to set up clean room production including packaging in the clean room.

Siltec customers appreciate the flexibility, reliability and quality of manufacturing. Siltec works closely with customers to provide fast delivery times and customized solutions. Would you like to receive advice on Siltec’s ready-made products or make an inquiry directly?

Manufacturing processes for silicone products

Siltec has an extremely comprehensive range of services for customers. Thus Siltec can offer and take over different and various manufacturing steps:

  • LSR injection molding and silicone extrusion

  • Packaging and clean room packaging and manufacturing if necessary

  • Injection molding of thermoplastic components within the company group

  • 2K injection molding (silicone-silicone and silicone-thermoplastic)

  • Overmolding of electronic components (encapsulation)

  • Integration of technical parts (e.g., electronic functional parts / heating elements) via soldering

  • Mounting and assembly

  • Joining of products by scorch, vulcanization and cold vulcanization (bonding)

  • Separation of products into precise pieces via cutting, punching or notching

  • Laser marking for individual labeling

  • Automated or manual packaging, including packaging for the end customer

  • Picking

  • Management of suppliers of provided and purchased parts

After coordination, further process steps can also be taken over by Siltec. Automation of various steps is possible depending on the number of pieces and series size. Contact our sales department to discuss your requirements for Siltec systems technology and assembly.

Siltec systems engineering assembly silicone products
Siltec systems engineering assembly silicone products
Siltec final control systems engineering assembly
Siltec final control systems engineering assembly

Advantages of Siltec systems technology and assembly

Thanks to a wide range of manufacturing options for silicone processing (including silicone extrusion, silicone injection molding, silicone encapsulation), Siltec can offer a broad portfolio of silicone products. These products can be further refined via versatile manufacturing technologies and production steps and thus additional steps of the value chain can be taken over by customers.

The range of services enables Siltec to manufacture products for customers with extremely diverse properties, such as:

  • Special surfaces to reduce or increase adhesion

  • Printing of individual product information for identification and traceability after assembly

  • Abrasion resistant lettering due to inlay work

  • Immediate readiness for assembly due to precise cutting

Flexible production areas allow manufacturing processes to be quickly adapted to new product requirements. In addition, Siltec has the capacity to efficiently pick and pack products for end customers. This often offers customers a strong reduction in the overall lead time and increase the efficiency of the value chain.

Furthermore, Siltec has specialized in meeting a wide range of standards and conformities. These can of course also be offered as part of the system engineering and assembly for all ready-made, finished silicone articles.

Systems engineering and assembly experience

Based on standard products such as silicone tubes, silicone profiles, silicone seals and silicone molded parts, Siltec manufactures a very diverse range of ready-made, finished products, including for example:

  • Heatable ventilation tubing and surgical tubing in which silicone tubing is extended by a heating line

  • Overmolding (encapsulation) of an electronic sensor with a silicone shell

  • Silicone sealing caps where individual, small holes are punched

  • Labeling of various medical devices by laser marking (incl. UDI according to new MDR requirement)

  • Packing of silicone molded parts (nasal masks, binasal prongs) for premature & newborn babies in blister bags in clean room

  • Consumer Health silicone molded parts packaging for end customer

  • Complex bonded silicone sealing frames with the highest quality requirements for the food industry

  • Profiles with integrated air chamber(s) for use as inflatable silicone seals

  • Connection of silicone profiles to profile frames or silicone tubes to tube rings, which are used as seals.

Contact us anytime to discuss your requirement with our sales department.

Systems engineering & assembly at Siltec
Systems engineering & assembly at Siltec

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