Modification of Surfaces made out of Silicone

To fulfill high requirements on silicone products Siltec uses modern techniques to modify the surface of the produced silicone components. By modifying the surface regarding the chemical composition or the physical microstructure we can achieve different characteristics of our silicone products that match our costumer’s needs.

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Surface modification of silicone products

Through surface coating and transformations of the chemical characteristics of our silicone products different modifications can be achieved, such as:

  • less surface friction/resistance and reduced coefficient of sliding friction
  • increased or reduced adhesion
  • special adhesive properties
  • sensitive/ soft surface with pleasant touch and feel of the silicone product
  • special smoothness
  • high translucency
  • high transmission factor / high translucence

Advantages of modification of silicone surfaces

With modification of silicone surfaces, silicone-untypical characteristics can be achieved. Therefore, advantages of silicone can be leveraged to rather untypical applications.

For instance to achieve a pleasant touch and feel in the area of medical products the sleekness and roughness of the surface can be modified. Thereby the comfort of patches or dressings applied to skin can be significantly increased.

Almost all of the silicone products from Siltec, from silicone spray cast products to silicone sheets, can be modified on request.

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