At the beginning of the year, Siltec evaluated the company’s ecological footprint as part of a multi-part seminar. To ensure the positive impact, an internal team lead by Managing Director Sven Riehm consulted experts from a renowned institute. In order to gather all the necessary information, the team collected an array of data which included surveying employees anonymously. For instance, the team analyzed the organization’s energy supply and transportation systems. The aim of this evaluation was to determine the CO2 emissions in individual areas and to uncover potential for savings. This will make the production of silicone extrudates and molded silicone parts more sustainable and raise awareness among the personnel.

Once the analysis of all environmental impacts was categorized, it the Siltec ecological focus team planned individual projects to reduce emissions based on this analysis. As a result, a charging station for electric cars will soon be available on the company premises. In addition to the possibility of converting company cars to electric mobility, this will reduce the hurdle for employees to acquire an electric vehicle significantly.

In order to reduce emissions in waste management, a cardboard and a foil press will be installed on the company premises. By pressing recyclables, they will require significantly less space and reduce disposal cycles. Instead of emptying of the conventional containers weekly, it will only be necessary to empty the presses every six months in the future. As usual, these materials will be recycled and returned to the cycle.

Although the power supply of the entire company already came largely from regional, renewable resources before the ecological footprint was investigated, several projects have been initiated in the area of energy supply to further reduce emissions and make the processing of silicone more sustainable. For Siltec to cut general electricity consumption, the team has already designed a plan for a heat recovery system. This will make it possible to reduce the electricity consumption of energy intensive processes by recycling the heat from the exhaust air. As it is not yet possible to reduce all emissions to zero in this area, we’re already looking for suitable projects to compensate for the remaining environmental impact.

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