Silicone Tubes Medical Technology

Siltec produces extruded products made of solid silicone rubber for the operating room, the laboratory, and intensive care. Through our in-house compounding, the products can be manufactured in different colors, hardness levels, and with additional material properties. Moreover, inspection and packaging in a controlled environment is possible.

More about applications for Medical Technology

Silicone tubes are used in the surgical area, for example, for peristaltic pumps. They consist of medical-grade silicone, which has high stability. Subsequently, silicone is used in check valves, duckbills, and safety valves.

Tubes play an important role in intensive care. Whether for treating with medications or as drainage, silicone tubes must meet the conformities of the medical technology field and must only contain a limited number of extractable substances.

Breathing tubes and respiratory masks from Siltec enable the supply of air even under stringent requirements, e.g. extreme bending radii of the tubes. In addition, these silicone tubes are capable of being disinfected and autoclaved, and are therefore well suited for reprocessing. Siltec manufactures items for assisted breathing as well as for CPAP applications (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) by customer order.

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