Silicone Tubes Medical Technology

Silicone tubes are part of many products in the medical technology sector. Siltec offers a broad portfolio of silicone tubes that meet important quality requirements – from mechanical to chemical or physical resistance.

Siltec manufactures both standard tubes in a large series as well as individual solutions with various quality features.

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Applications of silicone tubes in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sector

Silicone tubes are used in a variety of applications in operating rooms, laboratories and intensive care units. Common areas of application are pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary and dental medicine:

Silikonprodukte für die Intensivmedizin

Legal standards for silicone tubes of medical and pharmaceutical applications

Depending on your requirements, Siltec offers silicone tubes and materials according to the following standards and certificates:

  • USP Class VI and EP 3.1.9
  • ISO 10993 (e.g. for cytotoxicity or skin irritations)
  • BfR XV and FDA §177.2600
  • Proposition 65 (OEHHA)

The required conformity depends on the respective field of application and the applicable regulations.

Features of medical silicone tubes

Siltec’s product portfolio includes both standard dimensions that can be supplied immediately and custom-made products.

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