Silicone Tubes for the Food Industry

Strict standards apply to silicone tubes that are used in the food industry. Silicone tubes produced by Siltec ensure that the quality of food and beverages is not affected during transport or processing.

For the food industry, Siltec has specialized in the production of high-quality, long-lasting silicone hoses for various applications in the industry. In doing so, Siltec distinguishes itself by offering a wide range of products.

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Applications of silicone tubes in the food industry

In the food industry, silicone tubes are used in food processing or as drinking water tubes in drinking water systems.

Siltec’s product range of silicone tubes can be divided into two areas:

Lebensmittelechte und geschmacksneutrale Silikonschläuche für Lebensmittel und Trinkwasser

Legal standards for silicone tubes in the food industry

Siltec offers silicone tubes and materials that meet the requirements of the following standards:

  • EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 and No. 10/2011
  • BfR
  • KTW
  • RAS
  • W270

The required conformity depends on the respective field of application and the applicable regulations.

Features of medical silicone tubes

In order to guarantee a high quality as well as a fast and inexpensive delivery of your silicone tubes, Siltec has a large and up-to-date stock.

Moreover, for special applications, numerous additional manufacturing options are available.

Are you interested in our products and services?