Silicone Tubes

Siltec is a manufacturer of tubes, braided hoses, breathing tubes, tube sections, tube rings, and strings made of silicone for sophisticated applications in industry and trade. Based on our extensive competence in silicone extrusion, innovative solutions for customer-specific needs are developed. Platinum cross-linked materials offer an even more beneficial physiology and are better suited with respect to biocompatibility. Thus, they are increasingly sought after, for example, for items in the food industry and medical technology. Our in-house compounding offers the possibility of individually adapting the color, Shore A hardness or other material properties depending on the customer requirement, for example, through the addition of additives. We also manufacture fabric-reinforced silicone tubes. Prototypes/pilot series as well as small batch sizes and serial products are manufactured by customer order. Siltec is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

produktion silikonschlaeuche medizintechnik

Medical Technology

Silicone, which is used, for example, for breathing tubes or in tube systems for drainages, must meet stringent requirements with respect to its ability to be sterilized. In autoclaves, silicone tubes for medical technology must withstand high temperatures and severe mechanical loads. Siltec manufactures silicone tubes from ultra-pure material for the medical sector. Siltec offers materials that correspond to conventional pharmacopeia, such as USP Class VI and EP 3.1.9, as well as conformities, e.g. FDA §177.2600. In addition, parts of ISO 10993 can be fulfilled, e.g. regarding cytotoxicity. Upon request, tubes will be manufactured in the 2K process, for example, with X-ray contrast strips or co-extruded with electrically conductive and insulating sections for the medical sensors.

Food Industry

Silicone tubes that are used in the food industry must meet stringent requirements and withstand heavy loads, such as heat or aggressive cleaning agents. Siltec manufactures high-quality and food-safe components for the entire process chain of food processing according to individual specifications. Even metal-detectable tubes are included in our assortment. Based on our longstanding industry experience, Siltec enables conformity with the conventional standards and guidelines for food safety in accordance with the provisions of FDA §177.2600, BfR XV, and Directive (EC) 1935/2004.

Silikonschläuche in der Lebensmittelindustrie
Silikonschläuche Industrie und Handel

Industry and Trade

Siltec offers comprehensive consultation with the application of silicone tubes. In this regard, a cooperative relationship and high dependability are an integral part of our corporate policy. In addition to our wide variety of quickly available warehouse goods, special productions are possible for diverse application scenarios. Thus, for example, tubes made from high-temperature silicone can be used for the application at up to 300°C. Fluorosilicones are distinguished by their high resistance to non-polar, organic media, such as fuels and solvents.

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