Silicone seals and profiles for the food industry

Siltec is the leading manufacturer of food grade silicone seals and profiles made in Germany.

Our FDA-compliant silicone seals and profiles are used in food processing equipment and in ovens in bakeries and restaurants. Many years of experience enable us to quickly and precisely produce silicone seals and profiles according to your design and support you during the implementation of custom-made products. As a long-established silicone article manufacturer, Siltec has a multitude of tools at its disposal for the extrusion of silicone seals and silicone profiles. If required, we can produce these quickly and inexpensively for you.

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Applications of silicone seals and profiles in the food industry

Our products are used in a variety of areas in the food industry. Among others, our silicone seals are used in the following fields:

Silicone’s resistance to weathering, ozone and other external influences makes it a suitable material for outdoor and indoor use:

Ozonbeständige und hitzebeständige Silikondichtungs O -Ringe für Fahrzeugbau- und Straßenverkehr

Legal standards for silicone seals in the food industry

Siltec offers silicone seals and profiles that meet the requirements of the following standards:

  • EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 and No. 10/2011
  • FDA 177.2600
  • BfR
  • KTW
  • RAS
  • W270

The required conformity depends on the respective field of application and the applicable regulations.

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Products for different applications in the food industry

Silicone seals are suitable for a wide range of applications. The cross sections and dimensions of the silicone profiles vary depending on the type of application.

Siltec offers you a wide range of silicone seals, available in different Shore hardnesses (10-90 Shore A) and colours:

We produce silicone seals in many standard colour (e.g.: yellow, blue, green, grey, brown, white, black) and have hundreds of colour variants. Colour adaptations and colour development are available on request, naturally always with FDA and BfR conformity.

Our quality features

Our silicone seals are manufactured with highest precision and well-defined quality standards.

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