Silicone Seals

Due to its high temperature resistance, mechanical properties and biocompatibility, silicone is well suited as a material for seals. Siltec has a comprehensive program of technologies for manufacturing seals for medical devices, food systems, use in the transportation sector, and sophisticated industrial applications.

Our material portfolio comprises a variety of high-quality silicone rubber types that are best suited for use as seals. A minimal compression set and high tear resistance distinguish the materials processed by Siltec. Siltec offers materials suitable for applications in ovens and sterilization environments due to their particular heat and steam stability. Precise color coordination and the execution (upon request) of fire tests enable the qualification in the transportation sector. Confirmations of compliance with appropriate industry standards are available.

Siltec offers various technical solutions for manufacturing seals. In addition to the production of molded part seals, extruded products can be joined to profile and tube rings by means of vulcanization processes.

Silikondichtungen für die Lebensmittelindustrie

Food Industry

High-quality O-rings, flat gaskets or molded seals are crucial for the long-term reliability of devices for food processing. Siltec offers components that are food-safe and resistant to temperatures up to 300°C as well as many conventional cleaning agents. Based on many years of industry experience, Siltec enables the confirmation of conventional standards and guidelines for food safety in accordance with the provisions of FDA §177.2600, BfR XV, and Directive (EC) 1935/2004.

Construction Industry

Silicone seals are used in numerous sectors of the construction industry, including tunnel, facade and system construction, structural and civil engineering, window and door construction. Silicone seals are particularly suitable here due to their weather and temperature resistance, good insulation property and low flammability. Siltec silicone seals also meet the standards of the construction industry (DIN 4102, UL 94 and EN 45545).

Industrie und Handel
silicone tubes production clean environment

Medical Technology

The ability to be sterilized is a core requirement for medical-grade silicone. It withstands high temperatures and mechanical loads during different processes over the long term. Siltec offers materials that correspond to conventional pharmacopeia, such as USP Class VI and EP 3.1.0, as well as conformities, such as FDA §177.2600, etc. In addition, parts of ISO 10993 can be met, e.g. cytotoxicity. Siltec manufactures seals for containers, tabletop and laboratory devices, etc., which meet all requirements.

Transportation Industry

The safety of passengers is the top priority in automobile manufacturing and rail transportation. Therefore, seal elements should not generate toxic gases or be highly flammable in the event of fire. Siltec manufactures, for example, seals for doors, panels, area separations or air conditioners, which meet different fire protection standards.

Hitzbebeständige und ozonbeständige Siltec- Silikon Komponenten in der Luft- und Raumfahrt
Silikondichtungen für Industrie und Handel

Industry and Trade

As a manufacturer of silicone seals of all types, Siltec is a reliable partner for industry and trade. We consult our customers with respect to feasibility, materials, and a cost-efficient implementation. Materials, such as high-temperature silicone or chemical-resistant fluorosilicone open up diverse application possibilities.

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