Silicone profiles for the food industry

Siltec offers silicone profiles in qualities that are particularly suitable for use in the food sector. These silicone profiles and profile gaskets can meet all common quality standards and norms, such as the specific requirements of FDA §177.2600. You can find them in end applications such as ovens in bakeries and restaurants, as well as in food processing equipment and machinery.

As an elastomeric material, silicone offers the optimal properties for use in the food sector. The specific qualities meet the necessary food requirements. The release of volatile and extractable substances is reduced to a minimum by a qualified tempering process.

Special treatment methods result in a tasteless and odorless design. These methods are particularly relevant for very high-quality applications. In addition, we can produce metal detectable silicone profile. This allows the detection of silicone residues in the food in case of abrasion or mechanical destruction of the silicone part.

Siltec has many years of experience and a large number of long-term partners in the food industry. We can therefore offer you the best possible support in selecting the silicone profile you need. If no common profile meets your requirements, we can also help you to design and develop a suitable silicone profile with our own construction.

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Advantages of our silicone profiles for the food industry

On request, our silicone profiles and silicone profile seals can fully meet the required quality standards for use with food.

Quality characteristics of Siltec’s materials

We offer these important features for selection:

  • Food safe (FDA and BfR compliant)

  • Resistant to weather, age and ozone

  • Steam sterilizable

  • Thermal separation

  • Without plasticizer (BPA)

  • RoHs compliant

  • REACH compliant

Flexibility and individuality in production

We can adapt to your needs:

  • Metal detectable qualities

  • Hardness from 13 to 85 Shore A DIN53505

  • Temperature resistant from -60°C up to 300°C

  • Free color design

  • Tolerances E2 DIN ISO 3302-1, others on request

  • Peroxide-free production by addition crosslinking (platinum-catalyzed)

silicone profile food industrysilicone profile food industry

Legal requirements for silicone profiles in the food sector

Siltec offers silicone profiles according to these certificates and standards:

  • EU Regulation No. 1935/2004


  • FDA 177.2600

  • BfR XV

  • KTW

  • WRAS

  • W270

The required conformity depends on the specific application and your requirements. We would be pleased to advise you on your needs with our experience and expertise.

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