Silicone profiles

Nearly all industries use silicone profiles today. The number of different geometries is almost unlimited for our customers. For example, regular applications for our silicone profiles include sealing profiles or edge protections. The special properties like biocompatibility or food resistance make silicone the right material for a wide range of applications.

As a manufacturer of silicone profiles, Siltec offers all common shapes such as U-profiles, H-profiles or T-profiles as well as complex cross-sections with several hollow chambers. In 40 years of company history, Siltec has already implemented more than 7000 profile geometries. Consequently we offer an extensive design and development experience for creating new profiles with our customers.

Siltec also manufactures profile frames and profile rings from extruded silicone profiles, on request. For this, we can mold or impact vulcanize the corners to facilitate a particularly flexible and durable connection. Shaping corner tools allow us to realize many geometries, which increase the performance especially when used as silicone seal.

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Features of our silicone profiles

As silicone experts, we produce all common silicone profiles and silicone profile seals in highest quality, as well as special designs according to your requirements

Special quality features of our profiles

Our silicone profiles offer these important properties:

  • Biocompatible according to ISO 10993 and USP Class VI

  • Food safe according to FDA § 177.2600 and BfR

  • Ozone resistant

  • Odorless and tasteless

  • Resistant to weathering and aging

Flexibility and individuality in production

We can adapt to your needs:

  • Hardness from 10 to 90 Shore A DIN53505

  • Temperature resistant from -60°C up to 300°C

  • Free color design

  • Tolerances E2 DIN ISO 3302-1, others on request

  • Batch size from 25 meters, no upper limit

We offer all standard silicone profile shapes. We also configure and produce silicone profiles as well as silicone seals according to your needs and applications

Standard silicone profiles
Standard silicone profiles

Standard silicone profiles

As a manufacturer of silicone profiles, we offer all standard cross-sections and sealing profiles, such as:

  • Angle profiles

  • Clamping profiles

  • Facade profiles

  • Grooved lip profiles

  • Groove profiles

  • Hollow chamber profiles

  • H-profiles

  • Inflatable profiles

  • Keder profile / flag profiles

  • Lip profiles

  • L-profiles

  • Nine profiles

  • Round cords

  • Square profiles

  • T-sections

  • Tube profiles

  • U-profiles

  • And many more…

Custom-made silicone profiles

With more than 7,000 cross sections produced, Siltec offers a very extensive experience in the production of complex cross sections. Special silicone profiles and silicone seals that we have already produced for our customers:

  • Square profile with fluorescent material for lighting motorway sections

  • Claw profile for the sealing of window panes in high-rise buildings

  • Sealing profile with extreme press stroke (compression of more than 85%) in aircraft construction

  • Rectangular profile with 17 small hollow chambers for illumination of a spirits bottle with mini LEDs

  • Door seal for insulation in nuclear power plants

  • Inflatable profile for the sealing of factory halls in the automotive industry

  • Angled flat profile with 6 nominal bending points for solar panels

Custom-made silicone profile
Custom-made silicone profile
Multi-color silicone profile
Multi-color silicone profile

Application areas of our silicone profiles

Our silicone profiles are used in a variety of industries. For example, our profiles are ideal for use in:

  • Medical technology and pharmacy due to their biocompatibility

  • Food industry due to food compatibility, odorless and tasteless

  • Transportation industry due to high heat resistance of up to 300°C and low flammability

  • General Industry due to the high flexibility and freedom of design in production

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