Silicone Profiles

Silicone profiles are used in nearly all industries. The number of various geometries is almost unlimited. Thus, silicone profiles are used, for example, as seals or edge protection. Siltec offers conventional shapes, such as U-profiles, C-profiles or T-profiles as well as complex cross-sections with multiple hollow spaces in hardness levels between 10 and 90 Shore A. For special applications, we offer materials that are heat-resistant up to 300°C. In its 40 years of company history, Siltec has already implemented diverse profile geometries. The resulting design and development expertise is utilized for new developments. Upon request, Siltec will also manufacture profile frames and profile rings from extruded profiles. For this, edges are jointed in various types of impact vulcanization in order to enable a particularly flexible and durable connection. Special geometries can be achieved with formed edge tools, which increase the performance, in particular when used as seals. Our in-house compounding offers a high degree of freedom during the color design of the silicone profiles. Diverse colors, such as yellow, red, blue, green, white, black or translucent, are available as standard.

Silikonprodukte für den Fahrzeugverkehr

Transportation Industry

In the event of fire, silicone components used in automobile manufacturing or rail transportation must have certified self-extinguishing properties. Heat resistance, severe flammability, and resistance to cleaning agents are likewise crucial. Siltec produces high-quality silicone profiles from liquid silicone (LSR, liquid silicone rubber) as well as high-temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber (HTV), which meet the directives such as fire protection standard DIN EN 45545-2.

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Industry and Trade

Siltec comprehensively advises customers from industry and trade during the manufacturing of silicone profiles with specific properties. A cooperative relationship and high dependability takes center stage. Siltec meets special requirements through the use of appropriate materials. For example, profiles can be manufactured from metal-detectable or electrically conductive mixtures through our in-house compounding. Co-extrusion also enables the production of profiles with color strips or two different hardness levels.

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Silikonprodukte für Industrie und Handel

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