The packaging of silicone articles plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process as the last operation before delivery to our customers. The packaging not only serves to protect the carefully manufactured products from environmental influences, it also has the purpose of conveying information. Furthermore, the design contributes to the corporate identity. In order to meet the wide range of packaging requirements, Siltec has recently installed a new packaging machine for HCR and LSR silicone products.

This once again expands Siltec’s range of services and eliminates the need for a packaging service provider for our customers. This not only saves transport costs and time, it also increases convenience for Siltec customers.

With this extension of Siltec’s machinery it is possible to package silicone molded parts, bundled silicone tubing and other chunked extrudates. The size of the packaging units can be individually adjusted to the needs of our customers. Likewise, the blisters can be sealed with different materials. Tyvek, aluminum foil and medical paper are available for this purpose. This means that HCR and LSR silicone products for food contact or medical applications can also be packaged, taking into account all conformities.

After sealing the packaging units, freely designable information is marked directly onto the packaging using thermal transfer printing. In addition to logos, date of manufacture and 2 D codes, batch numbers, symbols and much more can be selected. Individually tailored to the wishes of our customers.

In order to deliver the highest quality, process parameters are permanently monitored and packaging takes place in a Class 8 clean room according to ISO 14644-1, which Siltec is qualifying. This keeps the particle and germ contamination of the packaged silicone goods to a minimum. For special applications, it is also possible to sterilize the products with steam or ETO after packaging.

Do you also have special requirements for the packaging of your silicone molded parts or extrudates? Would you like to receive more information about the new packaging machine? Our sales department is looking forward to your inquiry via or via your usual sales contact.