Silicone O-Rings

As a leading manufacturer of silicone components, we have been manufacturing a wide range of silicone O-rings for various applications for more than 40 years.

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Uses and applications of silicone O-rings

O-rings from Siltec have a variety of applications, including:

  • Sealing rings in static connections
  • Colour marking rings for labelling in the food industry, pharmacy or medical technology
  • Tension rings for flexible fixing of elements
  • O-rings made of fluorosilicone (FMVQ) for transformers with good fuel and oil resistance
  • Special O-rings for applications requiring electrical conductivity; special purity; specific colours; X-ray, metal or magnetic detectability; food grade or biocompatible material; or special temperature resistance
Silikondichtungen für die Lebensmittelindustrie

Possible legal standard and certificates
for silicone O-rings

Siltec offers O-ring that meet the requirement sof the following standards:

  • EN45545 Railway standard, flame retardant, fire class
  • UL 94 (American fire standard)
  • FDA 177.2600
  • USP VI
  • ISO 10993

The required conformity depends on the respective field of application and the applicable regulations.

Quality feature of our silicone O-rings

Our silicone seals are manufactured with the highest precision and well-defined quality standards.

Special quality features of Siltec’s O-rings

Siltec’s O-rings can have the following characteristics:

  • Weather and ozone resistant
  • Age resistant and long lasting
  • Reusable and steam sterilisable
  • Low flammability and low toxicity with very low flue gas generation
  • Insulating
  • High and low temperature resistant (from -100 °C to +300 °C)
  • Without plasticizer (BPA)
  • Without animal components (BSE/TSE)

Individuality and flexibility in production

Depending on your requirements, the following additional requirements can be met:

  • Transparent or translucent O-rings (partial opacity)
  • Specification of special colors and shore hardness (e.g. USP and FDA compliant)
  • Implementation of special units and dimensions (e.g. inches)
  • Electrical conductivity of the O-rings
  • Detectable mixtures for X-ray, magnetic and metal detection
  • Specification and adherence to narrow tolerances
  • Platinum catalyzed or peroxide crosslinked
  • PureSil® – process for highest purity
  • Extremely low percentage of extractable components (Extractables)
  • Conversion of very small and very large cord diameters
  • Laser marking without damaging the material surface

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