Silicone components for the transport sector

Siltec is a leading manufacturer of silicone components for various applications in the transportation sector.

With more than 40 years of experience, Siltec offers materials that reliably meet the requirements of the transport sector. With its own compounding Siltec offers a wide range of color choices and meets high expectations in terms of appearance and haptic. Siltec manufactures small to large series with demanding price-performance ratio, whereby adherence to short delivery dates has top priority. Complete documentation and traceability of the silicone components are a given.

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Advantages of silicone rubber in the transport sector

Siltec silicone profiles, silicone seals and silicone molds are colorfast, UV and ozone resistant. In addition to a high degree of design freedom in the choice of color and a large selection of possible Shore A hardnesses, surface modifications can also achieve additional properties such as dirt-repellent behavior or optimized sliding properties.

Silikonprodukte für den Fahrzeugverkehr
Einsatz von Siltec-Komponenten in der Luft- und Raumfahrt

Legal standards for silicone components in the transport sector

The transport sector places strict requirements on the components used. The required conformity depends on the respective field of application and the applicable regulations. Siltec therefore produces silicone parts according to many different legal requirements:

Vehicle and rail transportation

In vehicle and rail traffic, compliance with fire standards is of utter importance. Non-flammable, self-extinguishing silicone with low smoke gas toxicity in case of fire is required.

Silicone products from Siltec are therefore designed to reliably meet European standards such as DIN EN 45545-2 and DIN 5510. On request, the materials used can also provide verification for UNECE R-107 and various classes of the UL94 standard, e.g. UL94 V0, HB or V1.

Aviation and Aerospace

Extreme temperatures and strong pressure differences occur in the aerospace industry. Silicone parts used must therefore be insensitive to heat and cold and not be damaged in a vacuum. Fire protection has a central significance in aviation and aerospace. Through the selection of qualified starting materials, fillers, and additives, Siltec ensures that, for example, silicone seals for aircraft interiors have self-extinguishing properties and that no toxic combustion products arise in the event of a fire.

Industry-specific flammability conformities (e.g. 14 CFR/CS 25.853 (a), Appendix F, Part I (a) (1) (ii)) and flue gas density according to 14 CFS/CS 25.853 (d), Appendix F, Part V or flue gas toxicity according to AITM 3.0005 can be fulfilled on request.

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Applications and Products

Vehicle transport

Siltec produces silicone seals and silicone profiles for vehicle construction and special vehicle construction. These include profiles, covers and panels for the interior fittings of buses, motorhomes and caravans as well as all types of feedthroughs. Siltec products are also used in agricultural vehicles and construction machinery as well as in cable cars. These components meet several industry standards, e.g. DIN EN 45545-2, UL 94, UNECE R-107.

Rail transport

Silicone components from Siltec are used in the transportation sector as cable bushings, sound insulation, shadow gap profiles, bonded silicone frames, silicone strips and conductive door seals as well as simple or inflatable seals. UV and ozone resistant profiles are also used as connecting pieces between air conditioning systems and wagons.

Aviation and aerospace

Silicone components from Siltec are used for the production of aircraft covers, stop buffers and edge protectors, as well as for aerospace seals. For aircraft interiors, Siltec manufactures silicone gaskets, which are used as gap and shadow joint covers, panel seals and smoke seals. Siltec also produces other special components that can be used as valves, plugs or spacers for high-performance batteries.

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