Silicone Components for the Transportation Sector

Applications in the transportation sector set stringent requirements for heat resistance and fire protection. European standards, such as DIN EN 45545-2 are therefore reliably met by silicone products from Siltec. Upon request, the utilized materials can also provide verification for diverse classes of the UL94 standard, e.g. UL93 V0, HB or V1/V2.

Through in-house compounding, Siltec offers color design flexibility and sets high expectations on optics and haptics. The silicone profiles, silicone moldings and silicone hoses from Siltec are permanently color-safe, UV and ozone-resistant. In addition to high design flexibility with respect to color selection and a wide variety of possible Shore A hardness levels, additional features, such as stain-repellant behavior or optimized sliding properties, can be achieved through surface modification.

Siltec manufactures small and large series with a demanding price-performance ratio. Meeting short delivery deadlines has out top priority and complete documentation and traceability are a matter of course in this regard.

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Silikonprodukte für den Fahrzeugverkehr

Silicone Components for Vehicle Transportation

Siltec manufactures silicone seals and silicone profiles for automobile manufacturing and special vehicle manufacturing. This includes profiles, covers, and panels for the interior furnishing of buses, RVs, station wagons, and construction machines, as well as feed-throughs of all types. Siltec products are also used in agricultural vehicles and construction machines. In addition, profile seals are used in aerial cable cars.

Silicone Components for Rail Transportation

In rail transportation, meeting fire standards is of particular significance. Nonflammable, self-extinguishing silicone with a minimal toxicity in the event of a fire is required. The silicone parts are used as feed-throughs, noise protection, as well as simple or inflatable seals.

Einsatz von Siltec-Komponenten in der Luft- und Raumfahrt

Silicone Components for Aviation and Aerospace

Extreme temperatures and severe pressure differences occur in aviation and aerospace. Utilized silicone products must therefore be resistant to heat and cold and must also not sustain damage in a vacuum.

Fire protection has a central significance in aviation and aerospace. Through the selection of qualified starting materials, fillers, and additives, Siltec ensures that, for example, silicone seals for aircraft interiors have self-extinguishing properties and also that no toxic combustion products arise in the event of a fire. Industry-specific conformities for flammability (e.g. 14 CFR/CS 25.853 (a), Appendix F, Part 1 (a) (1) (ii)) as well as for smoke density according to 14 CFS/CS 25.853 (d), Appendix F, Part V or toxicity according to AITM 3.0005 can be met upon request.

Examples for the use of Siltec components in aviation and aerospace:

  • Seals for aircraft furnishing, e.g. gap and joint covers, panel seals, smoke seals
  • Components for the production of aircraft, e.g. covers, bump stops, edge protection, resin infusion-molding components
  • Components for aerospace, e.g. seals for robots
  • Other special components, e.g. valves, plugs, spacers for high-performance batteries