Silicone Components for the Construction Industry

Siltec is a leading manufacturer of silicone components for the construction industry. With our “Made in Germany” quality seal, we guarantee the highest quality standards and precision when processing and manufacture your articles, as for example silicone seals for tunnel or facade construction. Many years of success enables us to offer you tailor-made solutions that reliably meet the requirements and standards of the construction industry (e.g. DIN 4102). A broad technology portfolio, sound consultations and short delivery times characterize our range of services.

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Advantages of silicone rubber in the construction industry

Siltec offers a large selection of different silicone components available in different shore hardnesses (10-90 Shore A) and colour variations depending on your individual requirements.

As an indication for the ideal use of our silicone components in the construction industry you will find here the possible special features:

  • Hardy burning and flame retardant
  • Insulating, isolating and thermally separating
  • Low toxicity and low flue gas emission
  • Temperature resistant (from -100 °C to +300 °C)
  • Resistant to all weather, UV and ozone
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Low percentage of extractables, therefore, no fogging of surfaces
  • Talcumized or talc-free on request (for sealing or further processing)

All our silicone parts are manufactures without plasticizers (BPA) and comply with RoHS requirements.

Legal standards for silicone components in the construction industry

The construction industry sets strict requirements on the components used. Siltec offers materials that meet the requirements of the following standards:

  • Construction Standard: DIN 4102
  • Reference standards
    • Electrical sector UL 94
    • Rail vehicle construction EN 45545

The required conformity depends on the respective field of application and the applicable regulations.

Would you like advice on our silicone components for the construction industry or make an enquiry?

Applications and Products

Silicone components form Siltec are used in many areas of the construction industry, including:

  • Tunnel construction
  • Building construction
  • Window, door and gate construction
  • Building and glass façade construction
  • Solar cell construction
  • Garden house and sauna construction

Siltec offers a wide range of different silicone parts, including:

  • Silicone seals
  • Silicone profiles
  • Silicone molded parts
  • Silicone sheets
  • Assembled products

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