Molded Parts

Siltec manufactures molded parts from high-temperature vulcanizing (HTV) as well as liquid silicone (LSR). Our technology portfolio enables the production of a large variety of different series – from prototypes/pilot series and small batch sizes to serial production. Manual and semi-automatic systems are available for small and medium productions, which offer a high level of flexibility due to short set-up times and modular tool concepts. For larger series, fully automatic injection molding machines are available, on which continuous productions are possible.

The technology portfolio enables the production of a large variety of dimensions. Thick walled or large volume parts as well as parts with large dimensions can be manufactured on systems specifically designed for this purpose. For small and micro parts, systems are available, which also process low shot weights with high precision. Siltec has extensive experience in the manufacturing of components consisting of various materials (2K items). Vertical systems enable the inclusion of inlay components and cores, which can be encased, coated or joined with silicone.


Our production environment meets the strict cleanliness requirements that are placed on the field of medical technology, food production, and electronics. Additional quality controls are available for sensitive applications. Upon request, Siltec offers bioburden tests. Respective products can be packaged in a controlled environment.

Our in-house tool construction department has many years of experience in the creation of an appropriate concept for each item. The rheological properties of silicone and their impact on production precision and demolding are taken into account from the beginning. For development projects, there is the option of creating prototype tools through our in-house rapid prototyping process, which enables the manufacturing of parts in the original material.

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