Silicone for Surgical Devices and Accessories

Silicone components used in the surgical unit must reliably protect patients and ensure the functionality of vital devices. Together with our customers, Siltec is finding solutions for complex tasks using silicone components. Depending on the requirements, a variety of colors, hardness levels, and additional material properties can be produced through in-house compounding. Inspection and packaging in a controlled environment is also possible.

Siltec Produkte für OP-Geräte und Zubehör
Siltec Produkte für OP-Geräte und Zubehör

Applications and Products


Available seals range from static O-rings to double lip seals and multiple-seals with complex geometries. They are used in surgical devices, such as endoscopes, ultrasound devices, nebulizers or ventilators and anesthetic machines.

Components for pump systems

Tubes made of medical-grade silicone, which have a high level of stability, are required for peristaltic pumps. Subsequently, check valves, duckbills, and safety valves are used in dispensing systems.


Additional Siltec components are found in accessories, such as surgical lamps, covers, monitors or control devices, e.g. remote controls or screen seals. Silicone elastomers are also preferably used as material for holders, such as grommets for drills, measuring pins, cutters, and other equipment.

Silikon für OP-Geräte & Zubehör


Due to its direct contact with patients, ultra-pure material is the basic requirement for use in medical technology and particularly in the surgical unit. Siltec offers materials that correspond to conventional pharmacopeia, such as USP Class VI and EP 3.1.9, as well as conformities, such as FDA §177. In addition, parts of ISO 10993 can be fulfilled, e.g. regarding cytotoxicity.

The materials used meet the stringent requirements for steam, gamma, and ETO sterilization. Silicones are also highly resistant to thermal disinfection (cleaning and disinfecting devices).

Silikon für OP-Geräte & Zubehör

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