Silicone for Laboratory and Sterilization Accessories

Silicone seals for laboratory and sterilization accessories in medical technology must meet stringent regulations. High pressure combined with high temperatures translates to an extreme load on the utilized materials. Silicone products made of medical-grade silicone from Siltec can be depended on to withstand this load.

Silikon für Labor- und Sterilisationszubehör
Silikon für Labor- und Sterilisationszubehör

Applications and Products


Siltec silicone seals are used for sterile containers of various designs. The application spectrum ranges from tabletop devices to transport containers for the central sterile supply department (CSSD). The silicone seals must withstand a large number of cycles under high temperatures and heavy pressure without failing. The design requires expert knowledge, which Siltec has established and developed over the course of decades. Depending on customer needs, seals can be designed based on customer specifications.

Tray systems

Tray systems are used in the sterilization area for mechanical instrument preparation, such as cleaning and disinfecting devices, and storage systems. Siltec provides accessories, such as textured mats, mesh mats, and other storage aids made of silicone rubber.

Laboratory applications

Dependable seals are an absolute must for laboratory applications. Siltec silicone seals are frequently installed primarily in temperature control devices, incubators, and climatic chambers.

Labor- und Sterilisationszubehör


Siltec offers materials that correspond to conventional pharmacopeia, such as USP Class VI and EP 3.1.9, as well as conformities, e.g. FDA §177.2600. In addition, parts of ISO 10993 can be fulfilled, e.g. regarding cytotoxicity.

Available materials comply with stringent requirements for steam, gamma, and ETO sterilization. Silicones are also highly resistant to thermal disinfection (cleaning and disinfecting devices).

Labor- und Sterilisationszubehör

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