In order to remain competitive in the long term in disruptive times and a fast-moving society, it is important to develop oneself further constantly. This progress does not stop at the injection molding process of silicones (LSR injection molding). There are always new machines, new software and new design ideas for molds. In addition, regulatory requirements and customer demands as well as the required output volume are constantly growing.

To complement our portfolio and in response to the many challenges of the future, we have invested in simulation software for LSR injection molding. This extension of our expertise offers us the possibility to calculate products before the manufacturing of the mold. Among other things, we can use this data to analyze flow and venting behavior.

To calculate components, a 3-D model is required first. This is uploaded to the software and an injection point is defined. Subsequently, both a surface and a volume mesh are created, which can be individually controlled and adjusted. In order to obtain realistic results, it is important to specify material and production parameters, such as pressures or temperatures. Once all the data has been entered, the duration of a simulation can range from several hours to a few days, depending on the task and the desired result.

So far, we use the software mainly for failure analysis on existing molds. Through this, we gained valuable insights in order to save iterations. This empirical data already shows that the simulation delivers accurate results and thus helps us to save resources. The first product, which was simulated before the mold was manufactured, is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2023. Here, the time between initial sampling and large-scale production will be reduced significantly.

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