Labelling and marking of silicone products

Siltec offers various processes for the individual marking of our silicone products: Laser marking, inline printing and pad printing as well as fixed markings such as date clocks, nest marking or product lettering. In addition to simple markings such as names, more complex markings can also be used to enable Unique Device Identification (UDI) in order to guarantee the traceability of silicone products in accordance with the MDR EU 2017/745 regulation. Appropriate instruments are even available for marking silicone products using RFID chips.

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Method for marking silicone products

Siltec uses three methods to mark silicone products: Laser marking, inline printing and pad printing.

Laser marking involves writing markings directly into the material using a laser. Irradiation of the material with a laser triggers a local chemical reaction in the material, resulting in a color change in the material.

In order to be able to print inline, the inkjet printing process is used. Inline printing describes the print directly integrated into the production line.  This means that continuous goods can be marked at intervals of approximately 25cm.

The pad process can be used to apply individual markings to silicone products. Tampon printing is an indirect gravure printing process, which is particularly suitable for printing on bodies due to the elasticity of the transfer medium (tampon).

Using these processes, various information can be printed on our silicone products:

  • batch number
  • serial number
  • lot number
  • best-before date
  • expiration date
  • date of manufacture
  • company-related information
  • machine-readable codes
    • QR-codes
    • barcode
    • data matrix

Advantages of the different labelling methods

With laser marking a non-wipeable marking is created since it is created in the material itself and not on the surface. Even translucent silicone products can be marked without problems.

With inkjet printing, it is possible to print silicone products directly on the production line (inline). This means that large quantities of silicone products can be printed very quickly.

Pad printing on the other hand allows very individual markings on our silicone products. In addition, the marking can be reproduced in all colors.

Applications of markings on silicone products

All of our silicone products can be labeled, among others:

Labels are used in a variety of industries to ensure durability, uniqueness and copy protection. In medical technology, for example, breathing tubes are provided with special tube marking in order to make the product assignment and durability directly recognizable.

In addition to the classic methods of marking, we can also produce components in different colors.

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