Peroxide-free silicone components made of silicone rubber

Siltec has extensive experience in the use of addition curing systems and thus offers peroxide-free production for silicone components made of silicone rubber.

In the production of silicone components, catalysts ensure that the mouldable raw material is transformed into the dimensionally stable end product. There are several systems to choose from, based on different substances.

In addition to the conventional curing system, which uses peroxide to link silicone molecules, there are addition-curing systems that work peroxide-free.

Platinum as catalyst enables peroxide-free production

Addition-curing materials do not utilize peroxide and instead use platinum as a catalyst in the manufacturing process. This makes them particularly suitable for products that are used in sensitive areas such as medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry.

Quality through a stable production process

Addition-curing materials react sensitively in the manufacturing process and therefore require a stable and closely monitored production process. Since we process addition-curing material in large quantities, we can guarantee/provide the necessary process stability. This enables us to offer a wide range of additional processing options while minimizing scrap and waste.

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Siltec uses the excellent material properties of silicone rubber

Additive cured products have excellent material properties that are in no way inferior to conventionally cured materials.

Mechanical properties of addition cured silicone rubber

Addition-cured silicone rubbers have excellent mechanical properties. They have high tensile strength, high elongation and high tear resistance.

Resistant to environmental influences

Addition-cured silicone rubbers are resistant to environmental influences. Their properties are similar to those of conventional materials.

Very high material purity

Addition-cured silicone rubbers have a high degree of material purity, as no cleavage products are formed during the cross-linking process. This outstanding property is particularly valued in the pharmaceutical industry.

High steam resistance

Requirements regarding high steam resistance from the areas of medical technology and the food industry are fully met by the addition-cured silicone rubbers. A high level of steam resistance is often expected from silicone components in the medical technology or food industry. Addition cured silicone rubbers fully meet this requirement.

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Addition cured materials without peroxide

Our many years of experience with addition cured materials

For many years we have been serving the growing demand for silicone components. In order to meet the different material requirements of each customer individually and thus be able to make tailor-made recommendations, Siltec works with a proven material portfolio and carries out the corresponding material tests independently. This enables us to permanently guarantee our high demands on the quality of our silicone components.

Stock products made of addition-cured material

In order to be able to react quickly to frequent enquiries, we have built up and “secured” a wide range of stock products. This includes both hoses and hoses with fabric inlay.

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