Manufacturing processes and methods at Siltec

Siltec has over 40 years of experience in the production and development of various silicone components. We manufacture silicone parts from different types of materials that have different material properties and conform to many standards.

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Siltec Material Types and Conformities

Siltec uses various silicone rubber compounds to manufacture the silicone components. These are available in various colours and can be catalysed or cross-linked in the production process depending on your requirements.

Altogether Siltec offers an almost endless list of different standards, conformities and material properties.

Manufacturing methods for silicone articles

Silicone extrusion

Using the extrusion manufacturing process, Siltec manufactures tubes, seals, profiles and cords in various Shore hardnesses and in a wide range of dimensions. Our in-house tool production enables customer-specific profile cross-sections and our technology portfolio enables the implementation of special requirements through coextrusion or the insertion of fabric reinforcements.

Silicone injection moulding

Molded parts, gaskets, O-rings and plates made of LSR or HTV silicone can be produced by injection molding. At Siltec we manufacture individual injection tools and enable the production of a wide range of dimensions and batch sizes through our broad portfolio of injection moulding systems.

Silicone encapsulation

The encapsulation process can be used to cast various components with RTV silicones. This process is used, for example, for temperature-sensitive electronic components and in medical technology. Classic silicone products that are manufactured using the encapsulation process are therefore often “intelligent” components with integrated electronics.

Systems engineering & assembly of silicone parts

In addition to the standard production processes, Siltec offers systems engineering and assembly of silicone products according to customer requirements. Silicone parts can be refined, cut to size, expanded and glued to produce, for example, breathing tubes, sealing frames or inflatable seals.

Rapid Prototyping und 3D printing

Rapid Prototyping

Siltec has an in-house rapid prototyping process for the manufacturing of sample tools. Costly tool manufacturing from metal is omitted during sampling. Thus, we can provide sample parts in a prompt and cost-effective manner.

3D printing

3D printing has many advantages. On the one hand, tools can be produced more quickly in the course of rapid prototyping. On the other hand, complex geometries can be produced that are difficult to realize with other manufacturing processes, such as undercuts, cavities and bores.

Additional services for silicone products

Labelling and marking

Silicone products from Siltec can be marked using laser marking, inline printing and pad printing. Various information can be printed on your silicone products, e.g. serial number, date of production, logos or barcodes, thus enabling Unique Device Identification (UDI).

Surface modification of silicone

The properties of Siltec’s silicone components can be individually adapted to customer requirements by modifying the surface. Changes in chemical properties or coatings can give silicone products high translucency, special adhesive properties, smoothness or roughness.

Process Qualification

Stringent quality requirements involve stable production processes. Siltec provides comprehensive options for the process capability review. From Cpk analyses to complete IQ/OQ/PQ implementations, we define the suitable scope for the respective product together with our customers.

Kennzeichnung und Markierung von Silikonprodukten

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