Injection molding of silicone parts

Siltec is a leading manufacturer of injection molded parts made of solid silicone (high consistency rubber – HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

Our production facilities include more than 20 modern injection molding machines of various sized and brands. These allow for a high degree of flexibility in production and enable the production of silicone parts with weights of less than 0,07 grams (micro injection molding) and up to 750 grams, as well as 2-component (2K) silicone molded parts.

We offer our customers individual solutions characterized by highest quality standards and precision during fabrication.

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Silicone injection molding at Siltec

Our broad portfolio of injection molding machines enable the production of a wide range of different injection molded parts and O-rings, from prototypes and pre-series to small batch sizes and series production.

Manual and semi-automatic systems are available for small and medium-sized production runs. Thanks to short set-up times and modular tool concepts, these systems offer a high degree of flexibility in the production of molded silicone parts.

For larger series, fully automatic injection molding machines are available on which continuous production of LSR (liquid silicone rubber) or HCR (high consistency rubber) molded parts is possible.

Siltec is at your side throughout the entire process from tool development to component optimization and design consulting for your specific silicon molded part, be it O-rings, cover caps or flat gaskets made o silicone.

Silikonteile für die Industrie

Individual production of injection molds for silicone molded parts

As a manufacturer of silicone molded parts, Siltec manufactures exclusive tools. From economical to high quality tools with long running times, the quality of the tools meets the requirements of the customer.

Our tool design department has years of experience in creating the right concept for every molded part. The rheological properties of silicone and their impact on manufacturing precision and demolding are considered right from the start. For development projects, it is possible to create prototype tools using our own rapid prototyping process, which allows to produce molded parts in the original material.

Legal standards and material properties of the silicones used

We manufacture our molded parts from both solid silicone (high consistency rubber – HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR). Depending on your requirements, liquid silicones can be platinum or peroxide crosslinked.

Siltec uses silicone rubbers (VMQ) as well as fluorosilicone rubbers (FVMQ) and has extensive experience in the manufacturing of silicone moldings in combination with various materials, e.g. metal and plastic parts.

Siltec has a closed material flow for the raw material and a very pure processing of the molded parts. As your competent partner, we manufacture injection molded parts according to many different conformities, which are directed to the respective fields of application and the applicable regulations. Among others, we manufacture food-safe and biocompatible 2K molded parts according to FDA §177.2600 and silicone O-rings according to UL94 V0, HB or V1.

Here you will find an overview of the different legal standards and material properties.

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Process advantages of injection molding

Siltec’s technology portfolio enables the production of a wide range of dimensions. Thick-walled of large-volume silicone molded parts as well as molded parts with large dimensions can be produced on specially designed systems. For small and micro parts, systems are available that also process low shot weights with high precision. The tolerances of the LSR and HCR molded parts are based on the DIN ISO 3302-1 M2 standard or the customer’s requirements.

Vertical systems enable the incorporation of inserts and cores, which can be coated, injection molded, or joined with silicone

Depending on our customer’s requirements, several different surface structures are possible, including graining, high gloss, erosion or etching structures. Here you will find an overview of the possible surface modifications.

Silicone injection molded parts

Siltec produces a variety of different silicone injection molded parts in Germany. Further information can be found on the following product pages:

Biokompatible Silikon Produkte für Intensivmedizin und Verbrauchsartikel

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