Many of our customers manufacture medical devices and, among other things, ventilators, which are critical for medical care in hospitals, more than ever in the current situation.

We at Siltec and all of our employees contribute to ensuring security of supply, especially through the production of silicone breathing tubes and silicone articles for intensive care. By introducing additional production shifts and flexible working time models, we are adapting to the acute demand for larger and faster deliveries of medical silicone products. At the same time, we put all efforts to limiting the number of employees per production shift in order to ensure that all processes are carried out with the warranted individual safety distance.

In this way, we ensure the supply of critical silicone products and that everyone who helps to do so remains healthy.

If you or your company have critical silicone requirements, we are available to assist you by telephone or e-mail. We ask for your understanding that inquiries are currently being processed according to their urgency.