Silicone for Food & Potable Water

Silicone products that are used in the food industry must meet strict guidelines with respect to migrating substances and withstand loads, such as heat or aggressive cleaning agents. Siltec manufactures high-quality components according to individual customer specifications for the entire process chain of food processing. With a broad range of high-performance machines and competence in different processing methods, we manufacture both small batch sizes as well as serial products in a flexible manner.

Siltec offers materials that reliably meet the set requirements for resistance and purity. Based on our longstanding industry experience, Siltec enables the confirmation of conventional standards and guidelines for food safety in accordance with provisions of FDA §177.2600, BfR XV and Directive (EC) 1935/2004.

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Silikon für Lebensmittel- und Trinkwasser

Materials and Individual Design

Siltec provides products for the food industry made of high-quality high-temperature vulcanizing (HTV) solid rubbers in hardness levels between 10 and 90 Shore A. Colored or metal-detectable materials enable a simple identification of the parts. In addition, individual coloration of seals installed in a product avoids confusion and contributes to traceability during use.

Silikon für Lebensmittel- und Trinkwasser

Applications and Products

Food Processing

For the industrial processing of food, Siltec offers food-safe silicone tubes and silicone seals. They are used, for example, as switch cabinet seals or as lines for conveying various liquids, such as wine, beer or milk. Upon request, Siltec will also produce fabric-reinforced lines for high-pressure delivery.


We manufacture FDA §177.2600-compliant packaging components by order of our customers, as well as diverse components for packaging machines. This includes, for example, sealed masks, inflatable and non-inflatable seals and cover gaskets. Here, various layouts are possible in different quantities, with which different packaging variations can be covered.

Cooking devices

Siltec offers seals for ovens, cooking devices, steam cookers, convection ovens or professional-grade combination devices. Siltec offers hot air-resistance seals made of high-temperature silicone as well as with a high resistance to fat and cleaning agents.

Beverage dispensers

Silicone components for beverage dispensing systems, such as water dispensers or coffee makers, must not affect the taste or smell of liquids. Siltec offers materials, which have been positively tested according to potable water requirements (KTW guidelines (Guideline for Hygienic Assessment of Organic Materials in Contact with Drinking Water), DVGW working guideline W270, and WRAS). Additional measures for ensuring taste neutrality even under continuous contact can be taken upon request. If necessary, fabric-reinforced tubes with a high pressure resistance can be manufactured.

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