Extrusion of silicone products

For over 40 years Siltec has been a leading manufacturer of silicone extrudates. The tubes, cords, seals and profiles are manufactured as continuous goods on modern extruders and can be chopped into pieces or processed into rings on request.

Depending on your requirements, we offer individual extrusion solutions and tools, which are characterized by the highest “Made in Germany” quality standards and precision in processing and manufacturing

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Silicone extrusion at Siltec

Our broad portfolio of extrusion lines enables the production of a wide range of different profiles, tubes and cords, from prototypes and pre-series to short lengths and series production.

Extruded products can be manufactured in different Shore hardnesses (10-90 Shore A) and individual wall thicknesses from 0.5 mm. A large range of diameters is also available: Inner diameters can range from less than 0.5 mm to 95 mm.

We are at your side during the entire process from tool development to component optimization to design consulting for your specific silicone extrudate, be it inflatable seals, round cords or silicone tapes.

Ozonbeständige Silikonprodukte für Industrie und Handel

Extrudates from Siltec

Siltec produces a variety of different silicone extrudates in Germany. You will find more detailed information on the individual extrudates on the following product pages:

These products can also be offered as chopped silicone pieces.

Individual production of extrusion tools

As a manufacturer of various extrudates, Siltec has its own in-house tool production. Thanks to many years of experience, we currently have over 7000 of our own tools in stock. Of course, we also manufacture individual tools for our customers and thus enable the production of extrudates with various profile cross-sections.

Siltec adapts the tool quality to the customer’s requirements: from fast, inexpensive tools to high quality, very durable tools. In addition to expert advice during design development, it is also possible to create prototypes using the rapid prototyping process.

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Lebensmittelechte und geschmacksneutrale Silikonschläuche für Lebensmittel und Trinkwasser

Processed silicone, legal standards and material properties

Siltec uses different types of silicone rubber (VMQ) or fluorosilicone rubber (FVMQ) in extrusion. Our extrudates are supplied talc-free as standard, but can also be talcum coated upon customer request. Thanks to the variety of different basic materials, additives, cross-linking systems and colours, we can realise the desired individual material properties by means of our in-house compounding, e.g.:

  • X-ray contrastable
  • biocompatible according to USP VI , EN 10993
  • food conform according to BfR XV and FDA §177.2600
  • suitable for drinking water according to KTW, DVGW worksheet 270, WRAS
  • low flammability, low flue gas density and low flue gas toxicity
  • and many other special properties can be realised

All in all, Siltec has a closed material flow for the raw material and very pure processing of the extrudates. As your competent partner, we manufacture extrudates according to various conformities. These conform to the respective fields of application and the applicable regulations.

Here you will find an overview of the different legal standards and material properties of Siltec’s silicone articles.

Process possibilities and advantages in extrusion

Siltec’s technology portfolio enables the production of extrudates with fabric reinforcements, e.g. glass fabric inserts for over- and underpressure tubes. Siltec also offers the coextrusion process, which enables the combination of different shore hardnesses, colors or material properties in a single extrudate. For example, a silicone profile can be produced with a hard foot and a soft profile head.

The surface structure of the silicone extrudates can be modified according to customer requirements. Thus, particularly slippery and smooth surfaces can be produced by a FA treatment or a surface structure with grooves for a better haptic and grip. A detailed overview of the possible surface modifications can be found here.

For better identification, your silicone extrudates can be labelled, printed or marked with color or contrast stripes during production. Here you will find an overview of the various marking and marking options such as inline printing and laser marking.

Unterdruck und Überdruck Silikon Gewebeschläuche

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