Casting and encapsulation in the silicone industry

For 40 years, Siltec has produced silicon products out of VMQ silicone for which silicone                   casting is one of the procedures of choice.

With the help of room temperature curing silicones, we can produce silicone parts that are specifically tailored to customer requirements. Even more complex components, in which temperature-sensitive electronic components are encapsulated with silicone, as well as two component made out of silicone, pose no problem.

Thanks to our many years of experience in silicone processing, we offer the highest quality standards and can meet a variety of standards and conformities.

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Silicone encapsulation at Siltec

With RTV2 silicones, Siltec not only encapsulates temperature-sensitive components. RTV2 gels are also used in a wide range of applications in medical technology. Particularly sticky silicones as well as silicones with a high penetration value can be produced by potting, for example as wound dressings. In general, it is possible to apply RTV2 coatings to already existing silicone moulded parts as well as on other carrier materials.

During the tool development and component optimization to design consulting for your specific silicone encapsulation part we will assist you throughout the entire process.

Products manufactured with silicone casting

The potting process is used to manufacture various silicone products:

  • wound dressings
  • bandage inserts
  • gel cushion
  • gel mats
  • gel layers
  • stabilization pads
  • positioning pillows
  • decubitus pillows
  • medical patches
  • tracheostomy pads
  • stoma drapes
  • stoma pads
  • stoma plasters
  • 2 component silicone products

If you want to co-develop new products quickly with us, we also offer the possibility of rapid prototyping.


Among other things, Siltec uses the encapsulation technology for products aimed at many different industries. In the field of medical technology, it is often used for products in the areas of geriatric care, consumer health, consumer information tracking and biometric wearables.

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