Social commitment is very close to Siltec’s heart and for this reason the company helps three charities with a donation at Christmas. The “Förderverein der Helfer vor Ort” in Weiler, the “Lebenshilfe Lindenberg/Lindau” and the “Kinderhospiz St. Nikolaus Bad Grönenbach” can look forward to a contribution. For these organizations it is certainly a great challenge to cope with their tasks during the pandemic. Accordingly, Siltec is very pleased to support these organizations financially.

HvO – der Helfer vor Ort Förderverein in Weiler is responsible for the voluntary help in emergencies in the community of Weiler. The volunteers take over the initial care of a patient until the rescue service arrives. This includes the implementation of life-sustaining immediate measures such as resuscitation in an emergency.

In cooperation with public authorities, Lebenshilfe Lindau creates appropriate conditions for the development, education/training and leisure time of people with disabilities. The association thus ensures constructive coexistence and offers powerful support to relatives.

The Kinderhospiz St. Nikolaus in Bad Grönenbach supports families with children suffering from an incurable and life-shortening illness. The hospice accompanies those affected from diagnosis to beyond death, offering space for up to 8 families and also outpatient care. It helps the entire family to cope with the difficult time as well as possible.

Siltec says thank you to all helpers in those organizations for their consistent and strong commitment. We also wish all readers happy and healthy holidays.