Silicone rubber as a sustainable material

Silicone rubber is a biocompatible and sustainable material for which there are numerous applications.

Siltec is specialized in the production of silicone components, which we manufacture from different types of silicone rubber. This material not only has excellent properties in terms of mouldability and durability, but is also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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What makes silicone rubber a sustainable material?

We only use silicone rubber for the production of our components. An important argument for this choice of material is its biocompatibility and sustainability.

Oil and mineral oil-free material

Silicone rubber is derived from silicon and, unlike most plastics, is not part of the oil value chain.

Alternative to disposable products
By using silicone rubber, we make an important contribution to waste avoidance. Due to their material properties, silicone products can be frequently reused and, for example, in the medical and food sectors, they represent a sustainable alternative to disposable systems due to the possibility of repeated sterilizability.

High load-bearing capacity
Silicone products are characterized by their high load-bearing capacity, especially their high UV resistance. They are used for a long time in their various areas of application and show less signs of aging due to heat or weathering than other plastics. As a result, they guarantee long service lives in many applications.

Emission-free material
As a finished product, silicone rubber has a high material purity. This means that silicone rubber can be used in very sensitive areas such as medicine, pharmaceuticals and the food industry.

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Sustainable silicone components made in Germany

High quality standards
The issue of sustainability affects the entire production chain. Siltec deliberately produces the silicone components made of silicone rubber in the Allgäu region. Production in Europe guarantees high legal standards in the areas of work, environment and safety as well as compliance with universal ethical standards. Particularly in the production of silicone components in the field of medical technology, there is no compromise in terms of quality. Siltec has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification for medical products.

Easy communication, even with specialist topics
Our experts are familiar with the details of various industry-specific standards. For example, they are familiar with the requirements for medical device approval and can respond quickly to questions or make appropriate recommendations.

Reduction of the CO2 footprint
For European customers the establishment of a regional supply chain is of increasing importance (CO2 footprint reduction). By producing in the middle of Europe, intercontinental supply routes for many products can be avoided. Our location in the extreme south of Germany offers a good basis for this.

Regional Roots
Siltec works together with regionally based companies. This reduces transport distances. Short communication channels and personal contact ensure reliability, consistency and sustainability. And all of this against a beautiful backdrop: Our site is located in a beautiful setting in the foothills of the Alps (with lots of greenery and cows).

Safe and clean production

For the production of our components we only use raw materials from large and renowned producers. During the entire production chain we do not use any propellants. Our clean production environment is particularly suitable for the manufacture of medical products. Wherever possible, waste is avoided during production. Unavoidable production waste is of course disposed of professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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