Siltec experts developed a process that overcomes challenges in the production of silicone molded parts. This opens up possibilities for new types of products made of silicone, and previously unattainable combination options for materials and components become accessible. In the innovative Coldsil process, silicone products are manufactured under conditions that are not possible with the established methods of LSR injection molding and HCR pressing because of the vulcanization.

Due to the special combination of 2-component silicones and the specific vulcanization conditions, the Coldsil process makes it possible to process temperature-sensitive inserts such as electronic components or thermoplastics. These component and material combinations create new applications and product possibilities. With a very sophisticated vulcanization design, thin-walled and large-area products can be precisely realized with Coldsil.

All the established advantages of silicones remain unaffected by the Coldsil process and the multitude of new possibilities. Different hardnesses of silicone grades are available, which can be supplied in a wide range of colors. Finest surface structures are possible by a very high reproduction accuracy. As usual, we also confirm biocompatibility according to ISO 10993 and USP Class VI for Coldsil grades.

In the area of product development, the process can be linked seamlessly with rapid prototyping. Siltec’s additive manufacturing capabilities save further time and prototypes can be produced within days. As a result, Siltec offers a solution for all steps of your development process, from conception to your finished product.

All the usual processes are available for finishing the silicone molded parts. The products surface can be modified or they can be assembled in further steps. For marking with text, symbols or logos, tampon printing and laser marking can be used.

Are you facing a challenge in the development process of a silicone article or would you like more information about the new Coldsil process? Contact or your sales contact. Our sales team looks forward to your inquiries and will be happy to help bringing your product to life.