The German newspaper „Allgäuer Zeitung“ reported about Siltec‘s efforts in the production of silicone breathing tubes. We adjusted and focussed our production in light of the current Corona pandemic. We have been doing everything in our power to meet the strong increase in demand. The intensive care of patients with Covid-19 urgently needs more ventilator tubes.

In order to meet this need as quickly as possible, we trained additional personnel for the production of silicone breathing tubes and introduced further manufacturing shifts. Our operations currently run around the clock, including the weekend and public holidays.

Everyone pulls together and we are proud of the committment and personal willingness of everyone involved. Siltec introduced separate working zones in order to protect the health of employees. Each working zone has a separate entrance, so that groups of employees are limited in their size and sufficient distance is guaranteed.

Download the newspaper article (in German) here (With friendly permission of the newspaper Allgäuer Zeitung).

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