After welcoming Siltec, Weiler-Simmerberg (GER) and Nativel, Stochov (CZ) to Boyd in October 2021, the company continues to further increase engagement in Europe. Boyd is a world-leading innovator of technologies in engineered materials and thermal management solutions driven by diversification and innovation in its global material science portfolio. The addition of Grando, a Belguim-based specialist in rubber, foam and plastic polymer science for the highly regulated rail and industrial technology industries, was announced in December 2021 to increase its regional polymer manufacturing capabilities and market penetration in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain.

Grando is committed to high-quality products, excellent customer service and superior technical support. These capabilities align with Boyd´s values and enhance innovation in high-growth markets like eMobility, renewable energies and battery storage while increasing regional service and capacity for European customers.

To further expand in the European market, Boyd launched a state-of-the-art production site in Gliwice, Poland. Solutions manufactured at this newest european addition will emphasize e‑Mobility applications, liquid cold plates, liquid cooling systems, and advanced precision converted technologies. Boyd´s superior thermal management solutions are a key enabling technology to dissipate heat from more powerful chips, a barrier to innovate increasing processing power in this future market.

Boyd EU has expanded its footprint to six countries including Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium, the UK and the Czech Republic. Boyd´s trusted innovation is enhanced by additional regional European capacity technology and customer service capabilities. Our customers´ sustainable technologies and engineered solutions can be better served locally with the added benefit of leveraging Boyd´s global network, innovation and opportunities within the broader Boyd family.

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