Special product requests at Silikon Technik – Siltec

As extension to our standard methods of production, Siltec offers the opportunity to request special product adjustments and assembly of additional parts depending on the needs of the costumers. These include further processing of silicone products, as for example the cutting, extending and gluing of silicone products as well as special sizes and other requests.

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Differing procedures to refine silicone components

Different procedures can be applied to further refine standard silicone articles. These can be differentiated in two categories: the separation and combination of silicone products.

  • To separate silicone products, Siltec is able to cut precisely, stamp out or notch silicone products.
  • In order to combine silicone products Siltec uses different kinds of vulcanization.

Technical components such as a temperature sensor can be integrated via soldering.

Whether these process steps can be fully automated or will be manually carried out depends on the number of pieces, the series volume and the complexity of the process steps.

Advantages of refining silicone articles

Due to the standard production procedures that Siltec can offer (i.e. silicone extrusion, silicone injection molding, silicone encapsulation) Siltec offers a broad assortment of silicon products with all sorts of characteristics. The produced standard products can be further refined. For example, silicone profiles can be further refined to inflatable seals with integrated air chambers. With 2 components production (2k) metals, plastics with silicone, but also different silicone types can be combined together in so called hard-soft-connections.

Besides these specific refinement steps Siltec also specializes in complying with a variety of engineering standards and conformities. Of course, those engineering standards and conformities can also be offered for all of our refined silicone products.

Assembled products out of silicone

Building upon our standard silicone products such as silicon tubes, silicone profiles, silicone seals and molded components out of silicone, Siltec provides a large variety of assembled products:

  • ventilation tubes for medical use
  • sealing-frames for the food industry
  • inflatable sealings and other chamber systems out of silicone
  • and many more

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