Assembled Products

For sophisticated products that are manufactured from multiple components and have special functional requirements, Siltec offers an extensive manufacturing program.

Konfektierte Produkte
  • Connection of profiles to profile frames or tubes to tube rings, which are used as seals
  • Joining silicone materials with various colors, hardness levels or mechanical properties
  • Overmolding of inlay components and extruded products, e.g. sleeves on tubes
  • Integration of electronic function parts, such as control elements, cables, plugs or sensors
  • Integration of heating elements, e.g. heated tube systems for applications in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medicine, and food
Konfektionierte Produkte
  • Surface treatment of components for reducing or increasing adhesion
  • Printing of components, e.g. with product information for identifying and tracing after assembly
  • Implementation of inlay work, e.g. for abrasion-resistant labeling
  • Cutting extruded products for immediate assembly-readiness

Due to our flexible production areas, manufacturing processes can be quickly adapted to new product requirements. Our experienced application engineering team will gladly assume the consultation for all design questions and will assist product development.

Konfektionierte Produkte

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